September 22, 2015

Hong Kong, Day 1

Hong Kong Day 1

(All photos here taken are from my Samsung.. I was too lazy to bring my camera)

I know I'm not even done, or close to done with posting my Iceland photos yet but I can't wait to show Hong Kong! Oh well, you're going to have a bit of both from time to time. Its so great to have a roommate that stays in Hong Kong seriously, or any other country for that matter. Always nice to have a local in any city you're visiting.. the experience is just so much better and much more local even if you're not hitting all the touristy spots. Also, the company is so homey at the same time :-D Met Sunny and his cute lil dog while I was in Hongkong.. spend idk.. 2/3 hours at his house doing nothing hahahaa. Glad that wasn't the case for my whole trip! This trip only cost me btw.. guys get ready to be jealous, 80 dollars. Yes, thats right, flew by SQ. Thanks to my mama ad papa for their miles and SG50! Ok, you may be jealous now. 

I don't even know how much we walked... everywhere we wanted to eat today, the restaurant was either closed or it literally shut down. I also broke my sunglasses. :( I think me and Krystal sat here for 3 hours ahah because we were so tired from walking and we weren't even hungry. Watched the 8pm show.. or was it the 7pm, the night lights anyways.. mehhhh so-so. Headed over to Cherry's bar for some really good Mac and cheese hotdogs and some drinks of course! Such a cozy place.. wished we had that in London.

Ciao! Till Day 2!

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