September 24, 2015

Hong Kong, Day 3

Hong Kong, Day 3 


I realised this post was going to be humongously (<-- such a word does not exist) long, so I cut it into part one and two. Today was the day to hit all the places I wanted to go at one shot, and who best to join us? Nancy Fancy of course! I have never actually clarified with her if she did't mind that nickname, aha, oh wells. As you may have already known, all my photos from my phone and camera are all mumbled jumbled up. Samsung camera is really good, thats the only reason why I'm still keepin it alive. Other than that, it can seriously become my nemesis. Actually, all electronics for that matter already have that title. I wonder how I'm still surviving in Graphic Design. 

So the first place we hit was Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre. Funny name if you ask me. But nonetheless, an instagrammers dream! So glad to have krystal, if not I wouldn't know how to get to any of these places. I have never felt so stress free - no data, no idea where I'm headed, no backup plan and no nothing, all planning I did was an evernote I sent to her the night before and thankfully,  for a friend that send me his whole itinery on where to hit in Hongkong. Wow.. sounds like suicide innit. 

I don't even know where this is.. hold on.. ah JCCAC  (The Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre 賽 會創意藝術中心 ) So the jockey club apparently supports creative arts? ok, Hong kong people, pyou robably think I'm stupid now. Well this is the rooftop of that, some of you were asking. Even we had access to rooftops in Singapore, I don't think it would be as charming as this. There's just something about the nearby stacks of flats towering over you as you look up, giving your eyes a sense of such satisfactory pleasure and the entire opposite for OCD people. Also, they make great pictures. This place, according to Krystal, is like a creative hub where exhibitions are always held here. Btw, I don't reread what I write, because if it goes through my head again.. the words that comes out of my head becomes strange or weird... I don't know.. you be the judge. So there's probably a 1000 grammer and spelling mistakes... there you go, GRAMMAR. Please. Don't go finding them now.  

Best squid ink pasta ever! Just don't go around opening your mouth and looking like an idiot.. like me. 

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