August 23, 2015

Iceland, Kex Hostel + Harpa

Rejavik, Iceland 

Day 2 in Iceland. Morning cereal with the local radio, before heading off to the main city! We stayed at Kex Hostel, looks dodgey on the insde, but a gem on the inside. This once ago old buiscuit factory is gonna be the new, in, hispter place there, I just know it. As if its not already. Jazz nights on thursday, live music events and roommates from around the world, and free wifi.  Most images from this post are actually from my Samsung camera, as much as I hate this stupid phone.. the camera quality is so much better than an iPhone. This post is just a spam of Harpa, an opera house where more explanation is in one of the images below, because its just too beautiful!!! Could just spend the whole day there. Architecture is amazing and incredible, so is the view. Just thinking about how they manipulated the material of glass which ties in perfectly with its soundings is astonishing! Mountains on left, and the city on the right. Oh yea, let me introduce you this self-explanatory hashtag, #trioiniceland.  Find us. 

August 18, 2015

Regents Park & Barbican, Marissa Streibl

What can I say, its always fun with our embarrassing acts everytime I meet my moby, as well as it being our catchup time! These are photos we took around Regents park and Barbican, on separate days of course. Will try to post more regularly.

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