December 10, 2013

Foodography... Paddington Pancakes and Sketch, Singapore and London

Everyone keeps posting this on instagram so I really wanted to try it and I have finally tried this! Well, its... its alright. Hahahaha. So filling I must say. Boy! Am I glad to be home with family! Feeling good catching up with an old pal. Seems like I was 16 again, not like it was a long time ago though. Hehehe. I so need this break. Miss my korean, malaysian, hongkong, taiwanese, german, swiss friends hahaha. Eh HK friend, fai di lai! I am waiting for you sssfffer. ;)


We were actually here about a month ago and I haven't posted it. Procastination or rather forgetfulness is not one of my strengths. THE  B A T H R O O M  is AMAZING. Its my first photo in a bathroom besides the one at IKEA, so I'm pretty proud of this one.  Kekekeke. 

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