September 7, 2013

Zürich, Switzerland... Trekking in the Woods iPhonography Day 3

Love love love this day! I can't believe her parents brought us trekking because I wanted to. Heheheehe. Totally wore the wrong shoes, there aint any grooves on my sooooles. Every "almost" slip I had, at least 10+++, made me feel as if I was groovin' on the mud. Hahaha. Just look at my shoes... omg. In the end, I didn't fall ok!!! ^^ 

Sigh... Zürich is just so beautiful. 

Met with Alice's friends and had like an impromptu cook-off. Did I mention that all swiss people are just so good looking?! WHY.

Beautiful cathedral that her parents brought us! And below, her mom cooked us such a lovely dinner that we had in their balcony. :-) Even after the trek, etc.... AND SHE MADE RÖSTI!   

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