September 1, 2013

Busan, Korea... Busan Tower and Gwangan Bridge

Busan Tower 부산타워

We went here at about 4:30pm, and waiting for the brief sunset until 6. Yeah we were just chillin' up there, peeping into people's houses. Hahaha nonono. So glad it wasn't so cloudy. Omg! I should have done a time lapse video! :/

Gwangan Bridge 광안대교

Also known as Diamond Bridge, it is a suspension bridge location until to the other end of Busan. Was at least a 40 min ride away via taxi, and an hour and a half by train from Namsan. Very very pretty view. Then we headed back a gem we found in Namsan, at the 11th hour, for somemore shopping! :) 

Sighhh on the day we are about to leave the weather became so nice and sunny, unlike the past few gloomy weathers. :(

The above photo, from my instagram, was taken on the plane with my iPhone. Sooo nice. So glad Shao Fen helped me snap a shot while I was at the back watching a movie haha. There were so many stars in the sky as we were up in the air! I tried my best to capture it haha. Too shaky lah and too much reflection. 

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