August 6, 2013

Seoul, Korea... Changdeokgong Palace and Namsan Tower

Changdeokgong Palace 창덕궁과 후원

4,000 Won for Entrance and 4,000 Won for Tour Guide to the Secret Garden. Funny how I can remember the prices but not the name of this place. We went for the Korean tour, didn't understand shit. The girl at the counter was so irritated because she did not understand why we were going for the Korean tour. BECAUSE TICKET FOR ENGLISH TOUR BO LIAO LAH. Ahbuden. Aren't you the one sitting at the counter? Sheesh. According to Shao Fen, the tour guide is saying whatever is written on the Information Boards around the garden. LOL. But, only a guided tour would allow to access to the Secret Garden. 

food, food, food
I think its Kimchi Fried Rice? 

Namsan Tower 서울타워

Do not not not not not, I repeat not go on weekends unless you like to queue. :) View is beautifully and even the locals pay to go up here. For this, I remembered the name but not the price hahaha oh wait its 5,000 Won I think... ok. 

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