August 31, 2013

Busan, Korea... Busan on Film

Well, finally finally finally. Finally. Sorry to emphasize on that so much. But really, finally I have a set of successful photos on my roll of film! I bought my lomo and a water proof casing specially for my trip to Zürich. Thought I did everything I was supposed to! Alas, it is true that every beginner forgets to do something and wastes their first roll of film. :/ I... did not put in the batteries... Please don't laugh. 

August 30, 2013

Busan, Korea... Jagalchi Market and Gamcheon Cultural Village

Jagalchi Market  자갈치시장

There isn't much, any, photos of the actual fish market... because we were too lazy? Hungry! Hunger is always the reason for laziness. So we went to eat at this eatery thats located above the fish market. That is the view we got at our table. (Y) We ordered a set, most expensive meal out of the whole trip! But so worth it though.. Shao Fen and I single handily finished the whole crab. Boy! Was I full. 

This crab was so very very very very extremely good! The meat was soft, sweet and tasty.... sighhh. 

Gamcheon Culture Village 감천문화마을

This place is so cool! So different from all the housings in Korea that I've been to. It started in the 1940s, where only 20 or so houses dotted the hillside. At the beginning of the Korean War, refuges started coming here as it was the only area free from fighting. They used scrap iron, wood and rocks for their makeshift home if I can remember correctly, haha. Then after some reparations were made, artists were hired to paint murals, artworks and the locals there were also involved. 

Yes, it is a residential area. I wouldn't mind living there except for the bountiful stairs of sweat that you have to climb everyday. We did this like stamp tour where you buy a map and follow the little fishes put up on the walls to get to your destination. There, they will have a stamp for you to stamp in your map/book thingy. Yeaaa, I'm not so good at giving information like this. Well, there's always google! 

I just had to take a photo of this weird looking dog hahaha. 

It started to rain half way, omgggg, and that was the only day I didn't bring my umbrella. I was soaked to the bone. The rain also made it harder to climb up the steep stairs so we walked in a straight line, holding the walls for support. And my camera here swinging in the rain didn't really help the situation.