December 30, 2012

Shoot of the Day, Miscellaneous

Photoshoot 1:

Model: Sarah Lai 
Alice Muller

Yes I know. I'm sorry. I haven't been posting anything for so long. Got kind of lazy. Hehe. This is a summary of all the photoshoots I've done before and after Wojceich's. Met some old friends in the last two weeks that I've been back. :0-) So happy to know that I haven;t been forgotten hahaha. And people like my photography!!! HAHAHHAHAAHAHHA. So this is for them. I meticulously put the photos in order from older to newer photographs. Yes, if you have not noticed, the above is Sarah Lai. Bored one night during halloween, me and Alice went crazy againnnn. Hahaha, dragging sarah along with us. ^^ 2 weeks here in Singapore passed so fast. Sigh. Really miss everyone here. If only Secondary school days lasted forever. But I'm egg cited to see the new faces at ISCA! ^^

Photoshoot 2:
Model: Alice Muller

This was for Alice's media magazine cover. I just helped her to take the photos. This story is hilarious! She bought gold face paint, but it didn't turn out to be gold but greenish. So she put GOLD HAIRSPRAY ON HER FACE. Kudas to her! 

One of my favorite photographs (Above)

Photoshoot 3:

Model: Alice Muller

Alice made these sweet glasses for her 2nd media studies magazine. After she took her photos, away we went with madness. Yes those are real candy stuck on frames, not on her face. Hahaha. Beatrice thought I stuck it on her face. One of my favorite photoshoots. The spot light thingy broke, no I did not break it on purpose (it was an accident), so we used just flash and the projector light. Turned out really nice! :)

You're right, they are triangles. Hahaha.