November 29, 2012

Shoot of the Day, Music Magazine Photoshoot

So new Magazine for Media Studies
I'm going for an indie acoustic approach. 
Its all on my other media studies blog.

Model: Wojceich

November 14, 2012

United Kingdom... Cornwall

Cornwall. Cornwall. Cornwall. Five days of pure fun. I know what you are thinking... its not just cornfields. Photos not in any order at all. It sucks. I know. Super duper mixed up and jumbled mumbled all over. 
5 MORE WEEKS THEN IM BACK TO SINGAPORE. Met people here who are like me HEEHEEHEE But I still miss my buds at home! :) 
St. Ives Chocolate
Singing an acoustic Elton John- Daniel
nice family photo
Docks/ Harbour
Eden Project Roof top view