October 24, 2012

Shoot of the Day, Sarah

Model Nelly
Dress Sarah Lai En
Hair and Make-up Nelly and Sarah

Photos look best when screen is zoomed out a little. 

OMG BEST TIME EVER. Nelly and sarah is AMAZINGGGG! Just look at the dress she made! The theme was skins and her dress was about protection, something like that lah. Originally, the dye was supposed to be black, but it turned out blue somehow. The label said velvet black. Its either the dye sucks or she is just very unfortunate. Hahahaha. I'm so mean. Anyways the dye was supposed to be like an x-ray, the rope was supposed to be bones: ribcage and spine. Nelly, even though she is not your typical 1.8m model, she really moves like one! Her gazes.... omg... chilling. Initially, I was supposed to just tag along and take some pics for my own amusement, but I ended up taking all the photos. Hahahahaha. Sarah owes me. Heh. Anyways, it was so fun! We took these at 9pm, 10 degrees and raining. But the photos turned out great and no one got sick, so who's complaining.  

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