November 9, 2012

On the Street, United Kingdom... St Ives

I've not been posting for the last few days cos I'm been very busy and I've just come back from cornwall. Can't wait to post the photos here! So excited! Now, I'm back in school, got so much work again :( Anyways, moving away from a depressing subject of school work. I've decided to do something! My friend showed me a website called Humans of New York and my cousin, tessa, has started her own project taking street style snaps in Vancouver. Obviously, I got inspired to do the same. I've finally mustered up some courage to ask her if I could take a snap of her street style at the Tate modern in St Ives! Omg. I was so nervous. Also, her back was facing me, so I didn't even know what to expect. Hahahaha. So here's a first ^^  

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