October 3, 2012

London, T.A.T.E Museum

Last tuesday, the school bought us out to the Tate Modern Museum! WOW. Sorry I couldn't post any of the inside of the museum photos because I gotta use them for my work. But I have the before and after going to the museum photos! Hahaha. Not that much though. Tate museum was awesome! Saw soooo many original pieces like dali. Oh and a piece by tino sehgal! Really really good! ^^ So much difference from normal museums. Btw, my blog has been getting crazy views. That's insane. Crazy! And I'm not sure why. That's why I haven't been posting. Ok so if the views don't cease, I won't post anything for quite some time haha. Sorry, to my two followers. Haha.  
lol I totally did not tell her to pose! 
My friend from Malaysia! ^^
I was just gonna take a picture when another fine art teacher came and stood beside me. Hahaha.
Left: Some random teacher I don't know. Middle: My graphics and media teacher. Right: My fine art teacher. 

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