September 23, 2012

Running Around ISCA

 Welcome to ISCA. That is my view from my room in the morning of my second day in ISCA. Sorry haven't been posting. Heh. I haven't even finished posting the canarica photos and my tioman photos! Omg. Most messy blog ever. Hahaha. Bear with me~ So our school field is amazingggg. Its huge! Did I mention that my school is surrounded by a forest? Well, yes it is. They say if you are lucky, you would spot a deer. So well I've spotted 5 deers so far. Hahaha. Even in pairs! HEEHEE. I've combined the photos taken in two days. The field is so nice just to run about and relax. You'll soon see why. The weather plays a part too of course!
That's Sarah Lai, btw, and my senior from St. Margs! Whom I've never seen before, haha, she's 3 years my senior.  
 Purple socks to keep me happy! ^^
The Teikyo school! So unfairrrrr. So you see that freakin' pond in the middle?! OMG. 
Falling in love with spider webs! :)
So this was the 4th day in ISCA I think. I was like "oooo the sunset is so nice let's so see it!" So we grabbed our cams and headed in the direction of the sunset!
Hahaha my japanese friend! 
Beautiful sunset! 
Aren't the tights just so cool?! Her style is soooo cool! ^^
Hahaha my senior! Oh I'm so mean.
 LOL! My other two crazy japanese friends! They are so funny! 
END! More photos coming soon! For now, homeworkkkkk :/

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