September 7, 2012

Scotland... Landed In Glasgow

Here we go again. A new chapter of my journey starts, well lucky me, in UK. Well, I am really lucky to have God's blessings on me :) It still feels so surreal. Like it didn't feel like I was going to UK at all. I had such pleasant sleep the last few days HAHAHA, I think this is due to too long hols I've been having. It finally hit me when I got here. Time to buck up and be independent! Shit. I think I'm dead. Oh noes. I CAN DO IT! YES I CAN! And I've been feeling happy and loved these few days. :B Heh heh heh. They are such sweet people. Before I left, had FaceTime with a friend. Lookin' good on FaceTime dude. And another friend said she wanted to have a photo taken with me that she took and no one saw it before. HAHAHA, awwwww. Another friend wrote me a message about how great I am, hahaha kidding. Love her to pieces. Really glad that she's my friend. The friend that has been going on photography trips with me. Heehee. And an other friend, the most unexpected of all; wait maybe a bit expected, she called me when I was minutes away from going to the plane and said how she missed me and didn't want me to go. She was sobbing and I thought she was laughing so hard. I'm such a horrid person haha. Then she send me a text saying please ignore my moment of weakness. HAHAHAHAH SHE'S SO GAY LIKA UNICORN, THAT'S WHY I LOVE HER TOO. ^^ My family came to send me off, even my Ah Ma who said she couldn't come because it was too late. I got texts and tweets from people wishing me a safe trip and good luck too! :) Aiya. But now I'm here, like so called alone. I'm so glad I'm coming back in Dec! Glasgow is really pretty though! Doesn't the view look like some painting? I really hope that I can stay friends with my friends and nothing will change, but that's so hard to say.  Was feeling a little sick so I didn't go out. Heh. Ate tom yum cup noodles and skyped with Beatrice and Therese! 
Dubai International Airport

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