September 3, 2012

Shoot of the Day, Pregnancy Shoot: It's in you.

So my cousin sharon is already 7 months pregnant! ^^ Heh I decided to grab the chance and ask them out for a fun photoshoot! But then it started to rainnnnnn :/ Quite, very, heavily. Sigh. But since my dear cousin came all the way from the East to the West, aiya, we just decided to take the photos anyways. Luckily my house had a spare wall. Hahaha. Not many free walls in the flat with sunlight streaming in. Thankfully after 3 1/2 hours, it finally stopped raining. :) YAY. Managed to take so many photos in 15mins outdoors! :) So much fun to take photos of them! You'll soon see why. 
Haha my dear cousin keeps worrying about her double chin!
Can't believe it actually stopped raining! PTL!
Oh shit I broke the string
Ahahahaa! You can tell how much my cousin-in-law dislikes photoshoots!

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