August 16, 2012

Taking Flight

Its been so long since I've written a personal post. I've been dying to write one but don't know when, so many photos to edit and post, things to plan and do. I've been packing recently, well yesterday. It suddenly came to me that I'm actually going away. So much to do, so little time. Filled with so much mixed emotions- excitement, fear... but also joy. Joy because I know that if I have God, I can pull though anything. Heard so many stories about the kids there being mean and all, but that's life right? At least I have a faster start of experiencing it first hand. Hahaha, better than the movies. Taking photos of the birds today made me think about myself. That I have to learn to be independent and stop counting on my  parents. Hopefully, I can soar in whatever I can do. I'm actually quite determined to make that happen. LOL. Reminds me of the emotions I was feeling when I was Sec 1. Anyway, other than that, I read a blog post my buddy posted just now. If I remembered correctly, she told me that she was so afraid that she would fail her Chemistry test cos she didn't study for it. But in her recent blog post, she mentioned that she was pissed she missed A by 0.5 marks. I'm so glad I have a genius as a friend! HEH HEH HEH. 
My favourite photo of the day~
Instagram! I know its like on the right side of my page. Hahaha. But I really love the Singapore Flyer one! Can't believe iPhone camera is so amazingly sharp. I took it while I was on the highway in the car and its not even blur! :) #PTL

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