August 27, 2012


So the other day, my BS group and I went to Botanic Gardens for our Socials! :) The guys played soccer while the gals just chilled on the picnic mat in the first half of the day. Feeling bored, Beatrice, Cheryl and I decided to talk a stroll along Botanic. Actually Cheryl just wanted to go to the bathroom. Heh. We saw some cute ducks in the lake! :) Played water games for a while. Got soaked as usual.... So much fun though! When I go out with my BS group, I'll just enjoy the day of fun. So relaxing and enjoyable! We ambushed some Sec one kids with the nerd guns! HAHAHAHA. That was even more fun! Their faces of astonishment were just priceless! It started to pour for a while around 6- ish so we headed back to church for some pizza and games. :)      
This is what happens when I asked them to look and smile at the camera. HAHAHA
Old woman strutting and doin' her thing! Whoop! Whoop! 
Chan Wai's scared face!!! Cos he shot someone Hahahaha!
Lover birds <3
We "ambushed" the Sec Ones! Fail. They moved away even before we came.  
They stole our bucket and came for revenge!

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