August 6, 2012

Lomosta Thursday

Thursday, whoop whoop. K. So. Er. Erm. Yes. Went to this place near Ann Siang Hill. Cool place. Its the road next to Ann Siang. The buildings are gorgeous! Yes really. Met some urban sketchers, really nice to talk to. Went to Kki for tea and ate some delicious cakes.. quite expensive, but soooooo gooooood! Oh then I was trying to find the old polariod films for my Grandpa's polariod but sighhh, they had it, but it was 8 for 36 bucks :( and not colored! Aiya. Hahaha. Anyway I wanted to check out this cool lomo shop on maxwell road. Met this really nice guy there. He thought me the basics of how to use a lomo and then loaned me a limited edition diana f+ lomo cam! I know what you're thinking. Whattttt, lucky pig! What if I just ran away with it and didn't come back? I just I just have a trustworthy face I guess. Hahaha. *cough*  I think my instagram photos are nicer but I really, really, really want to buy one! So PRETTY! :) Nonetheless, I can't even afford it. 10 bucks for a roll of film for 12 shots, 13 bucks per film to get it developed and put into a cd. Gah. BUT I WANT ONE HAHAAHAHAWHO DOESN'T?!  


Steven Brown said...

WOW I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS POST. I hope you can take read of my blog: ...maybe it will help you in someway. I always love when new readers come and join too. Thanks and God Bless!


Rebekah said...

THANKS! Awww, you're too kind! :) I like what you said in your blog, " I realize God will make you uncomfortable, in order, to bring you to your purpose." So true!