August 20, 2012

Singapore Adventures... Chinatown

Went to Chinatown like last week hahaha with Beatrice! Another exploration! Lalalalalalalaaa. C'était un après-midi parfait! I'm like really, really, really glad that I found a friend that I can click so well with. Its like you can just be yourself 100% without feeling pai sei or awkward. And there's never a boring outing cuz that person is almost like... me! HAHAHAHA. Like we like the same things lah.  YAY. YAY. YAY. God is good~ I really can't stand people that think that when I am photographing people, I iz weird. They think I'm a f stalker. Seriously? I'm capturing the beauty of us. That one second that just freezes in time, when you turn around and I capture your expression on your face. Its just so magical. Like I can freeze time and save just that moment in time using my camera. I'm photographing history here! HAHAHA  
Kki! :) Pronounced as Kay-ki. Nice nice nice delicious cake!
OM! :) Bought a cute rabbit collared sleeveless shirt here! 
Spotted again! 
Ah Gongs playing checkers! 

Until the next adventure!

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