August 30, 2012

California Dreaming... Las Vegas, Grand Canyon: In The Middle Of The Desert

So after Los Angeles, we started driving to. Dum Dum Dummmm... LAS VEGAS! Not that I'm of any legal age to drink or gamble or anything, but its Las Vegas! Spend around 3 days here. Day one to Grand Canyon. Day two was the Strip and Factory Outlet! Day 3, Red rock and otw to Yosemite. Actually, we all didn't really like Las Vegas. It aint so WOW as it is said to be. And there wasn't much nice stuff to buy. :(  Oh well. But Grand Canyon. I tell you ah. It was breath taking! We took a helicopter ride, followed by a cruise along the colorado river. Worth every cent! Date: 16 Jan
My other cousin Sharon! 
View from the hotel. Best hotel out of the whole trip. MGM. 
Out of all the river boat drives that were all native red indians. We had to get the one from Taiwan. Hahaha.

My cousin took this for me! So nice right? 
Night performances along the Strip. 
Driving to Red Rock!
Wearing a maxi, and toms on her feet; Tessa decided to climb a rock. 
The view is amazinggggg. That's JX sitting there. Imagine waking up to a view like this everyday
Can't believe I actually saw a car like this! 
On the way to Bakersville! Actually we weren't supposed to stop in Bakersville and instead drive all the way to Yosemite. But it got dark really soon and JX was getting very tired. So we decided to spend the night in Bakersville. 
Did not regret stopping here at all! We chanced upon this quaint little supermarket to restock our tibits haha. Little bible versus greet you in every corner of the supermarket. Nice to know that God is part of their daily lives. 
We had cup noodles for the night. Cooked in Sharon's brought cooking pot. Took one hour to boil water. Not even close to boiling actually, more like simmering. 

August 29, 2012

California Dreaming... Los Angeles: Where TV People Live

 So I went around the state of California, Seattle and Vancouver in car, with my cousins and JX. This took place in January this year! Hahaha. And I'm only posting it now. I'm just gonna post a summary of our whole trip. It not exactly a summary, more like photos from the trip that I really like. The whole trip lasted one month btw. Los Angeles was the first stop. Imagine the number of photos I took. Below, we went for a whale watching cruise! SO FUN! Date: 13 Jan
My cousin, tessa. So talented. An aspiring fashion photographer! 
Ahahaha. A car drove right into the water. Don't ask me why. 
Filming of the Mentalist!!! Went to Warner Bros studio tours.
Seems familiar? MUPPETS!
Then, to the NBA game at Staples Centre. Lakers v Cleaveland. Lakers won! YAY. 
Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson 
View at Universal Studios
We were only there for like 2 days I think! Stayed with Uncle Bob and Aunty Maria. Such nice and hospitable people! Gosh I wish I could live here foreverrrr. Oh p.s. No one, NO ONE walks in LA. Everyone, I mean everyone, owns a car. There is even a carpool lane. Very few people. Very. Take public transport. Just saying' Oh, lastly...