July 22, 2012

Singapore Adventures... No Entry

On saturday, since my aunt has just passed her driving license, my mum brought us out to drive. Driving towards changi, we stumbled onto this road that was cordoned off: Security Check Point. But since there was no security, knowing my mum, she drove right through! HAHA! The roads were so nice and wide, perfect for reckless driving lessons! Me and my sis got a turn at driving the car. HEEHEE! The clouds that day were amazing too! God is good. :)
Pretty clouds! 
 What kind of insect is this? :O
My aunt is the cutest! 
 Some cars were drifting here
The rain has begun
 I edited this using photoshop! Looks preeetty cool to me. Hahahaha. 
 Biggest spider ever seen!

July 19, 2012