June 29, 2012

Singapore Adventures... Marina Bay Sands: Summer Days

Went out with Beatrice today :-) Another exploration! This time was MBS and Garden By The Bay. Glad Beatrice had no exams today. Heehee. Had fun taking pictures of lots of pretty flowers, random strangers and talking to them. ^^ Strangers make the best models! Luckily today didn't rain! YAY. Thanks God! Took 500 plus photos today. OMG. HAHA. Had an awesome day today and it really ended in a bang. My bag strap broke as I chased my bus but still missed it. Waited half an hour for the next one but it was too full for me to get on. SIGH. But it was still a fantastic day nonetheless~ 

This guy is yawning not shouting btw heeheehee!

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