June 27, 2012

Singapore Adventures... Emerald Hill ♥

Emerald Hill, even the name sounds so enchanting. Filled with old Peranakan houses and Frangipani trees. I've never seen such bright and vibrant bougainvillea plants. SO MUCH NICER THAN THE HIGHWAY ONES. Anyways... Old buildings bring so much history and culture to a street. Wish that more old houses were conserved. Its quite sad actually to realize that the people that sculpt the designs on these buildings are getting lesser and lesser. :-( So are the buildings. Its just not the same as the new buildings. Like Plaza Sing looks like Vivo's twin. What is that, pshhh. Soon, it would seem as if we are  in the star wars movie. Ok, that's quite cool.  Heh. Oh and guess who's back. Saraaaa Lai. Feeling quite eggcited to go to ISCA now. Teeheehee! I am also feeling so happy that I have one follower, Ying Sham. :0-)

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