June 30, 2012

Singapore Adventures... Sunshine on the Waves

So the other day, which is the 28th of June, I went with my mum and sis to the East and West, and back to the East again. Hahaha. Actually up and down too! LOL. First we went to the new Macs at East Coast. Awesome~ So windy! Took some pictures, especially the wake-boarders! Heh heh. They kept on doing tricks for us! ^^ They just kept on going and going, on and on, round and round the Cable Ski Park. Don't their arms ever get tired? I tried taking photos of caucasian people. TRIED. Had some bad experiences with them in Spain, trying to take their photos lol. They either stared at me like I was a freakin' pervert or thrust their palms into their kids face to prevent me from taking photos. Yes they do that. Its actually quite funny when you see the kid's reaction of shock as a palm suddenly appears right before their very eyes! Teehee! So all the caucasian shots are like ultra sneaky shots heehee. Aiya. Why do they look so photogenic, especially the little kids! HEEHEE. Now I sound like a pedo. Anyways. This is like PART ONE. Can you believe it? PART ONE. I took like 500 plus plus photos on that day. This is just all on the east side. Just a summary of the whole day: we went to east coast, then to Garden By the Bay that area, to Labrador Park, to some Alexandra Bridge thingy, to Vivo, and back to East Coast Sushi Tei to celebrate my mum's bd. :D Part 2 coming soon~ Enjoy the 30 photos here for now. Oh and I added more photos to the last post! Go check it outttt :-)

June 29, 2012

Singapore Adventures... Marina Bay Sands: Summer Days

Went out with Beatrice today :-) Another exploration! This time was MBS and Garden By The Bay. Glad Beatrice had no exams today. Heehee. Had fun taking pictures of lots of pretty flowers, random strangers and talking to them. ^^ Strangers make the best models! Luckily today didn't rain! YAY. Thanks God! Took 500 plus photos today. OMG. HAHA. Had an awesome day today and it really ended in a bang. My bag strap broke as I chased my bus but still missed it. Waited half an hour for the next one but it was too full for me to get on. SIGH. But it was still a fantastic day nonetheless~ 

This guy is yawning not shouting btw heeheehee!