May 25, 2012

BlackWhite Double Exposure Photography

Seagulls taken in Los Angeles and this back of a grumpy guy taken in Spain. 

So today I've been looking at How To Do Double Exposed Photos. Well, lemme tell you something. Its not easyyyyyyy. Seriously. It looks easy, but you know what, it's not! Let's start with the first part, googling and youtubing how to do it. Most of the helpful ones are not in english. Well waddaya know. Then the hair problem comes in. Arg. Worst part is getting rid of the background. After long, stressful hours of going through pictures after pictures to get the right combination, I have finally ONE piece that I like the most. Heh The top one~ Oh yeah. I'll call it: Let your dreams soar... Cliche. Anyways, I've found out that I have some stalkers here, well, fine one. Haha. D A W N. I'm glad that most of my buddies have started their holidays so we can go O.U.T. :-) 
My mum and a building in Spain. 
Well, this is Ruth. 
 Ruth, I realized that I have a lot of photos of you, so I decided not to let it go to waste! Hahaha. 
So western right! Taken in LA of the cute baby and the Cowboy, whereas the scenery taken in Las Vegas. 

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