March 20, 2012

Humans, birds. What's the Difference?

So I've been thinking a lot lately. This few months has all been about decisions, decisions and more decisions. I've still hadn't made up my mind, just saying. It would be easier if I didn't need to think about surviving but just doing what I want. Reality really does destroy dreams. Sigh. I wish we were like the other animals. Not a care in the world what they are going to be. Just sleeping and eating, trying to stay alive. Sounds easier to me. What sets humans apart from animals are just that most of us civilized that's all. I've been learning from YOUUBE how to draw realistically. Not helping much. Hahaha. Comments appriciated. :) 

March 14, 2012

Spain... Barcelona, La Rambla: Day 1 + Day 2

Spain. :-) I like this country. Art and History found in every corner - statues and, especially buildings! Flower boutiques line the streets, while money making performers... humour the people. If that makes any sense. Heh. Just walking down the streets, makes you feel so at peace in this whole atmosphere. So Day 1. All we did was walk back to the apartment haha. We stayed in a building in La Rambla. If you were wondering one of the picture below which said Piso 1, it means first floor. We stayed on Piso 2. Nope , if you were wondering. I didn't photoshop the lighting. That's the lighting that was in the stairwell on the way up to the apartment. So dodgy right. In spain terms. When they say first floor. It doesn't mean first floor. They count the first floor as zero, so we were actually staying on the third floor.. WITH NO ELEVATOR :( So for the first two days all I did was slack haha. Jet lag. La Rambla, for short called Gothic Lane, really is so.. gothic! :0-) I was literally fascinated by everything there! I like the floors. I wish Singapore would have nicer floors. 
This is the dodgy stairwell of the apartment
Love all these weird structures that I have no idea what they are about
This is my mum. :)
This is poop.
These are flowers that look like the lego ones. 
This is a famous market. Great fruit juice!
This is my gang. 
This is Barcelona.
This is ....The End. 

March 6, 2012

Little drawings and a dash of Espanol!

So this is what I've been up to for the last two days! Spain was so fun and definitely exciting, with a bit of fear. I have 2000 over photos! LOL! Well, I'll be posting one section by one section a day. :) Oh here's a little snip of the major things that happened.

1. We were in a middle of a riot. Actually 2, this one was less rowdy. The second one had road closed with snipers at every corner. Woah. 
This was a university student riot for the government to put in more money for their schools. 
Don't worry, these are not real police! Its a free country... They can do whatever they like as long as no one complains! Fantastic! 
2. The whole street or block, I can't remember, had no gas. :( So we had to bathe in COLD ICY FREEZING WATER! Brrrr Let me remind you that the temperature outside was at least 14 degrees.

3. Lastly, the WORST OF ALL was that OUR APARTMENT GOT ROBBED IN LESS THAN AN HOUR. Crazy huh. All we did was just to go out down the street an eat KFC and BAM! The freaking idiots stole the DSLR , so that explains why there's no photos of it, and my $1200 vintage longines watch my mum passed down to me. If you, theives, are reading this by ANY CONINCIDENCE. WELL, GO AND DIE. Yeaa I'm damn pissed and sad. Not to mention that the photos are also all gone and they bloody took out the battery from the charger but not the lens. Idiots? I think so too. Other stuff such as iphone, lots of euro cash, prada wallet and stuff... gone! :( At least, we all are safe. Who would have thought that the streets outside that were filled with pickpockets was safer than our very own apartment with 9 people. Other than that, the trip was good I guess except for some spanish people with an attitude problem. Well, there were some that were really nice. The buildings are simply gorgeous I must say. Until the next post of Spain!