February 24, 2012

Ugly Weirdos in Action

Sighh as you can see from my drawings that they are U G L Y and bo liao. LOL so tired this week an lack of inspiration.  Especially since the weather took a turn from HOT to HOT HOT HOT HOT. Last posting till I return from Spain ~ Whoohoo

Bye bye.

February 22, 2012

California Dreaming... Los Angeles, Disney Land

So I went on a one month vacation to America and Cananda! This is just one part of the trip! DISNEYLANDDDDD I'll be uploading the rest soon  :) Well recently, well today, I just quit my job... after like one day of work. Hahahaha. My friends are going to killlllll me if they found out. They would probably call me "PIG" and then I would reply "oink". But, that's not the point. The point is that why should we work in a place where we keep on getting scolded by C A R O L. Like, okkk i made a few, fine, ALOT of mistakes.. can't you just tell me NICELY HELLOOOO I want to smack you with a pan man. Aren't indonesians supposed to be nice? I thought she was from CHINA. No offense. Heeehee. Anywayssss I'm going to BARCELONA! YES! Take some nice photos and visit the Dali museum! ALRIGHT! Enjoy the pics! 


February 20, 2012

A Brand New Day

I been pen doodling for the last three days and here's what I've got! I discovered this cool pen style while doodling and its so ME cus I'm not neat... And... I'm lazy too! Har-di-har-har! Tell me if its ugly or whatever! Thanks. Oh oh I went out on a BS outing with my.. yeah BS to marina barrage. FUN FUN FUN and I took some pics :)  

February 19, 2012

My first post!

Hi. So I finally re-did my old blog to make a new art blog. So this is like my VERY FIRST BLOG POST on like anywhere. HAHA. K. I really hope people see my blog, so I won't be some loser who posts stuff to... no one. I won't write much, but LOTS OF PHOTOS coming your way! Ok, bye bye :)